Personal Security

Are you in need of personal security? Martie PI can offer armed bodyguard and personal protective services. We can create a protection plan that suits your unique needs to help defend your safety whether in your home or while you’re traveling in the area. Our services are designed to anticipate and mitigate dangers but, if necessary, force will be used to protect you.

Your Personal Security Agent will protect you through

  • Assessing Threats
  • De-escalating Techniques
  • Crisis Intervention

With 30 years of combined law enforcement and detective experience, you can have the peace of mind that your bodyguard is licensed to carry firearms and have the knowledge on how to use them to protect you from a threat. 

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Our personal security services are discreet, professional, and dedicated to your safety. Our services are available in Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island and all of Southwest Florida. Whatever the objective of your investigation, over 20 years of experience in law enforcement and 8 years as a Vice & Narcotics Detective gives Martie PI the skills & experience necessary to get the job done. If you feel unsafe or need the extra reassurance that having personal security can bring, contact Martie PI today.